The Christmas season can be hard on the teeth. It is possible that you have already been enjoying sweet treats since Halloween and the feasts around Christmas time can be difficult to skip. Since you cannot avoid the festivities, the next best thing is to look after your teeth carefully so you can enjoy the season to the fullest. Here are 5 tips for looking after your teeth this Christmas:

1. First things first, you need to make sure you stick to your dental care routine during the holidays. It can be difficult to keep up with flossing and brushing regularly in the spirit of the season, but that doesn’t mean you can forgo your dental hygiene. This will reduce the strain on your teeth.

2. There are some treats which you should eat sparingly during the Christmas season. This especially includes the sweet treats you might want to indulge in. Avoid cakes and puddings which are loaded with dry fruits, as they are high in sugar and bad for your teeth.

3. You should have a piece of cheese after every meal. As you would know, cheese is good for your teeth and consuming it can offset some of the damage to your teeth caused by the heavy meal you had.

4. Keep your sugar intake to a minimum during the Christmas season. Of course, you have the license to indulge but don’t overeat. Eat small portions and you will be doing your teeth a favor.

5. Last, but not the least, simply because it is a fun time, doesn’t mean you should be using your teeth as a bottle opener.

These are 5 simple tips you can follow to look after your teeth this Christmas season. This way, you can enjoy the festivities and at the same time, preserve your dental health