Family Dentistry

We are honored by families who allow our staff to handle their family dentistry. We make it a point to learn and greet you by name. We keep detailed records of your dental history to make sure we are prepared for your dental care needs each time you come and see us for a visit. This also helps us identify changes in your dental health.

Family Dentistry

One of the most effective ways to make sure both children and adults have regular dental care is to make them feel relaxed and at ease. RiverRock Dental strives to create a comfortable, family environment. This has been the cornerstone of our office from the first time the doors opened. We value the relationships we’ve built within the community and with our patients over the years.

Children mirror what they see, and dental education is at the core of what we do – teaching a lifetime of good dental health. Our family dentist work with communities and families in all life stages to provide the very best in dental care.

To us, you are like family, not just our patients. The “small-town culture” we bring to Shakopee means we care about your entire family’s dental needs.

As a family dentistry our strong focus is on preventive care of your family’s dental health. During a typical examination, we’ll assess the overall health of teeth and gums and take x-rays when needed. If corrective measures are needed, such as dental fillings, dental implants or orthodontics, we are equipped to address them with precision and excellence.

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