Dentistry For Children

Children’s dentistry or dentistry for children is a core dental service we offer at RiverRock Dental. One bad childhood experience at the dentist’s office can leave a lasting impression. And that unfortunate moment can lead to adults also avoiding biannual cleaning and necessary dental care. We do not want either reaction to happen.

Dentistry For Children

At RiverRock Dental, we comprehend children’s unique requirements during dental visits. We acknowledge that they may feel scared or uneasy in a dental setting. As we realize the significance of dental check-ups for a child’s overall development and well-being, our dental staff endeavors to provide comfort and confidence to young patients by building trust and offering reassurance.

Our calm, comforting environment will help put your child—and your entire family—at ease. We offer outstanding dental care for children, including various treatment options to ensure their dental health is taken care of at every stage.

We understand how busy you can be. Your pediatric dental appointments should help improve your family’s health. We will do our best to be on time for your appointment. We’ll take the time to listen to your questions and consult with you about the different options that are available and best for you and your treatment.

Teamwork with parents and pediatric dentists helps children

We’re aware that sometimes parents also have a fear of pediatric dentists. Whether a parent’s anxiety is observed by a child or a dental horror story has been shared with the child beforehand, we want to make sure parents aren’t scared too. It is important that parents feel confident that their child is in the right place. If the legal guardian bringing the child in for pediatric dental care has any questions related to dental care, we will explain in easy-to-understand terms why these steps are needed.

We understand that being able to ask questions comfortably and receive clear answers can make the experience of pediatric dentistry much smoother. While we will also answer questions in simpler terms directly to an inquiring child, we are happy to have the guardian’s help at making the process easier. A parent can provide a comforting hand to the child during a dental procedure on dentistry for children. Or, help us out by explaining simple tips to the child so he/she can prepare for an upcoming dental visit.

Preparing for a child’s temperament is imperative for dentists to do

We know children may express their fears or anxieties in many different ways: lots of questions, crying, screaming, temper tantrums, shrinking down into the seat, or even asking for their parents to handle dental care instead. We’ve seen all of the above. We try to keep your child engaged by finding out a few of their hobbies and interests beforehand. Being attentive to your child and giving him/her the opportunity to share a few stories or opinions may be exactly what’s needed to build trust. We also have stories of our own. With the help of storytelling, great listening skills and patience to wait out dental anxiety, we are confident that your child will feel at ease with us.

Additional strategies for kids at the dentist

Maybe storytelling or answering a few questions just isn’t enough. If your child physically needs more assistance, and assuming there are no conflicting allergic reactions to medication, we can administer nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas).This should reduce potential pain, pressure or discomfort during both routine and more involved dental care procedures.

If you have any questions about how our team can meet the dental needs of your family, and specifically your children, please do not hesitate to call our Shakopee office.