Cosmetic Dentistry

Healthy teeth and gums are important both physically and aesthetically, and cosmetic dentistry can help. When a camera is aimed your way and someone yells “smile,” RiverRock Dental wants to make sure you can do just that.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We can help improve your teeth, gums and mouth in a variety of ways through cosmetic dentistry. This includes:

So why would you want to get any of the above? Whether it’s for a casual photograph, a memorable family event, or just because you want to present your very best smile, we want to make sure you don’t feel as though you must hide in the background of a photo. The dental care our office provides can successfully improve your appearance and self-confidence.

What are dental veneers used for?

Dental veneers, made from porcelain or resin composite materials, are custom-made, thin shells that are bonded over the front of your teeth. If you choose top veneers that don’t exactly match the color of your bottom teeth, it’s highly recommended to ask a cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth beforehand to give more of a “natural” and consistent appearance for all of your teeth. If you are someone who likes to munch on ice or bite your nails, this habit should definitely cease to avoid the risks of veneer damage.

What are porcelain veneers used for?

Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made facings that the dentist bonds to your teeth in a simple, comfortable procedure. Made from porcelain, veneers are a fantastic way to fix front teeth. You can whiten your teeth, close spaces, and create a great smile. Veneers can help brighten front teeth that have permanent stains or discoloration that can’t be whitened. They may be used to correct small gaps between the front teeth, or to fix teeth that are poorly shaped or slightly crooked.

How can teeth be reshaped?

If you would prefer that work is exclusively done on your original teeth, as opposed to crowns or veneers, reshaping teeth is another alternative. Contouring, or reshaping, may be one of the most economical ways to fix chipped, uneven or misaligned teeth. Tooth contouring is done by first getting an X-ray of each damaged tooth to confirm location and available pulp. Tooth enamel is then removed with the help of a laser or drill. The area is then molded into a more natural fit, which may require that the cosmetic dentist shorten longer teeth, trim uneven areas or reshape poorly shaped teeth. All of the above improves appearance and helps eliminate biting pain while chewing. Once the tooth is reshaped, then it is smoothed out and polished.

How does teeth whitening work?

Professional teeth whitening is a bit more involved than adding strips to your mouth, such as the options available over the counter. Peroxide-based bleaching agents used in a dentist’s office are much stronger and work faster. They also can get teeth much whiter than OTC options. However, teeth whitening cannot be used on porcelain crowns or tooth-colored bondings. If needed, teeth whitening should be completed first before proceeding with additional tooth repair.

Why would I need tooth-colored fillings?

If you are someone who is prone to cavities, or already has one (or a few) silver cavity fillings (or amalgam), you know how noticeable those are when your mouth is open. Although it may not appear as obvious on rear teeth, it is especially noticeable if a cavity filling is needed in the front area. With amalgam fillings, a cosmetic dentist will remove parts of healthy teeth to make the silver filling fit into place. Tooth-colored fillings, made up of plastic resins and silica fillers, don’t require undercutting to “fit” into the tooth. The more natural filling bonds directly to the original tooth, helping to keep it stronger and (hopefully) last longer.

You deserve a smile as unique as you! Get in touch with us to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services.