Preventive Care

RiverRock Dental provides preventive care to the entire family. We enjoy treating all age patients. You will be treated with respect and cared for as an individual person. We consider you to be part of our family, not just a patient.
Preventive Care

We strongly believe in the concept of preventive care and education when it comes to optimal dental health. The key part of prevention is to have regular check-ups every six months. This helps us to diagnose any problems or areas that may have cavities, cracks in a filling, or tooth and gum disease. A visual examination for oral cancer is also performed during every check-up appointment.

Preventing disease starts at home with good oral hygiene habits and a balanced diet. RiverRock Dental promotes, restores and maintains your oral health.

Services also include:

We strive to help our patients achieve maxium dental health.

Cleaning and Preventive Care Procedures: