Same-Day Bridges for a Radiant Display

Step into the forefront of modern dentistry, where your perfect smile is no longer a distant dream, thanks to same-day bridges!

At RiverRock Dental, you can restore your smile with express same-day dental bridges using state-of-the-art technology. This restoration technique is designed to transform your smile in one visit.

That means no longer waiting weeks to flash a complete and confident grin. The advancements in dentistry now allow us to bridge the gap in your smile with precision and speed, all in the comfort of a single day.

Rediscover your confidence and shine your smile from the moment you step out of RiverRock Dental.

What are Same-Day Bridges?

Same-day dental bridges are a cutting-edge solution to the age-old challenge of restoring missing teeth quickly and efficiently.

Unlike traditional bridges requiring multiple visits over several weeks, same-day dental bridges streamline the entire process using advanced technology. Your dentists will create the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) bridges right in their office.

This essentially means that your dental bridges can be designed, created, and placed, all in the span of one single appointment.

Difference between a Same-Day Bridge & a Traditional Bridge


Same-Day Dental Bridge

Traditional Dental Bridge

Treatment Duration

Designed, fabricated, and placed in the duration of one appointment.

Typically involves multiple appointments spanning over several weeks for tooth preparation, taking the impression, creating the bridge in a lab, and the final placement.

Technology Used

Advanced CAD/CAM technology allows for the in-house creation of CEREC bridges in the same appointment.

Dentists send detailed impressions to an external lab where technicians create the bridge.

Temporary Solution

No temporary solution is required as the bridge is placed on the same day.

Patients might need to wear a temporary bridge while they wait for their custom bridge to be manufactured.


Offers unparalleled convenience by providing a solution in one visit.

Required multiple visits, leading to disruptions in the patient’s routine and problems in daily activities.

Top 5 Benefits of Same-Day Bridges

Immediate Results

Same-day dental bridges offer you the chance to transform your smile immediately. Within the span of a single appointment, you get to leave the dental clinic with a fully restored and functional smile.

Streamlined Procedure

These bridges significantly reduce the overall treatment time. The streamlined process, which includes digital impressions, CAD/CAM technology, and in-house milling, eliminates the need for multiple visits and the waiting time associated with off-site dental laboratories.

Minimized Discomfort & Inconvenience

Same-day dental bridges eliminate the need for temporary restorations. This means that patients can avoid the inconvenience of wearing temporary bridges for an extended period.

Customization & Precision

Same-day bridges are created with the help of advanced CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology. This cutting-edge method allows for highly accurate impressions of the patient’s teeth and creates precise customization of the restorative dental bridge.

The dentist can tailor the bridge to match the patient’s natural teeth in color, shape, and contours, resulting in a seamless and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Reduced Dental Anxiety

A same-day bridge procedure can be perfect for patients who experience dental anxiety. Minimizing the number of appointments and completing the restoration process in one day can significantly contribute towards a more positive dental experience for these patients.

When Would You Need a Same-Day Bridge?

Emergency Situations: Same-day dental bridges can immediately restore the functionality of your oral cavity in cases of dental emergencies such as a loss of a tooth or a sudden fracture.

Quick Aesthetic Lift: Patients who wish to give their smile a quick aesthetic lift for occasions such as weddings or interviews can use same-day bridges as a convenient option.

Time Constraints: People with busy schedules who wish to minimize the number of dental appointments may opt for same-day bridges to speed up the restoration process and complete it in one appointment.

Single Missing Tooth: Same-day oral bridges are highly recommended for replacing a single missing tooth. This is where adjacent teeth are fairly healthy and can support the bridge without the need for extensive preparation.

Are You a Candidate for Same-Day Bridges?

While same-day dental bridges offer multiple benefits, their suitability depends on individual factors, including the patient’s oral health and specific dental needs.

Here are some factors the dentists at RiverRock Dental will consider to determine whether same-day bridges are a good restorative option for you.

What to Expect When Getting a Same-Day Dental Bridge

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the procedure done when getting a same-day dental bridge.


The procedure begins with a comprehensive examination and detailed consultation with the dentist. After assessing your oral health and discussing your treatment options, the dentist will determine whether a same-day bridge is a suitable solution.

Digital Impression

Once the dentist has concluded that the patient is a viable candidate, they will proceed to take a digital impression of the prepped tooth (or teeth) with the help of an intraoral scanner. This scanner captures highly detailed images of the tooth and surrounding structures to create an accurate 3D model.

CAD Technology

The dentist will feed the digital impression into the CAD software. This technology will design the customer bridge while taking into account the patient’s bite, alignment, and aesthetic preferences.

Milling the Restoration

The CAD design is then sent to a milling machine, which uses CAM technology to carve the restoration out of a solid block of dental material. This process typically takes only a matter of minutes.


The dentist customizes the bridge’s color, shape, and contours to ensure a natural and comfortable fit within the patient’s mouth.

Final Placement

Once the milling process is complete, the same-day bridge is ready for immediate placement. The dentist will make sure that it’s a proper fit and make the required adjustments before permanently bonding the bridge to your tooth (teeth).

RiverRock Dental’s Lab Services – Crafting Smiles with Perfecting Precision

Welcome to the RiverRock Dental Lab – Where artistry meets technology for your radiant, customized grin!


At RiverRock Dental, our on-site lab empowers us to ensure top-notch quality and speedy services, providing patients unparalleled quality options. Our in-house dental lab enables our team to deliver smile transformations with controlled precision and quality, ensuring that your smile only gets the best.


If you have extensive teeth damage and cannot opt for a same-day bridge, our team can create a temporary bridge, followed by an in-house permanent traditional bridge using zirconia restoration.


The RiverRock Dental Lab also provides dental crowns, full dental arch options, partial dentures, custom surgical guides, and 3D scanning and imaging technology to design a brand-new smile for you.

How Much Do Same-Day Bridges Cost?

The cost range for same-day bridges is around $500 – $3500 per tooth. This price range is not much different from traditional dental bridges, but same-day dental bridges can prove to be more economical in the long run.

Same-day bridges can actually save you money because the procedure does not require any temporary restorations or external lab fees. You also save money and time by avoiding travelling for multiple appointments while juggling your schedule.

There are several factors that can influence the final cost of these bridges, which include:

  • Complexity of the placement
  • Materials used to create the bridge
  • Your geographic location
  • The dentist’s experience


Dental insurance can usually cover some of the cost of your same-day bridges since they are usually considered medically necessary rather than a cosmetic procedure.

If you require more financial assistance than that provided by your insurance, you can always check whether your dental clinic offers any dental or savings plans.

Explore RiverRock Dental's Dental Plan!

By making a single annual payment, you can get access to the following services:

  • 2 Preventive exams per year
  • 2 Preventive dental cleanings per year (Any additional Perio Maintenance appointments are charged at Perio fee.)
  • Preventive X-rays: Bitewings & Anterior PAs are taken yearly. Full Mouth X-ray or Panorex will be taken every three years.
  • Sealants on permanent molars and 2 Fluoride treatments for children under 18 years of age.


Additionally, you also get:

  • 15% off when paying in check or cash on the day of the service (excluding product sales & orthodontics)
  • 10% discount when paying with a credit card on the day of the service (excluding orthodontics & product sales)

Meet Your Dentists

Dr. Todd Christianson

A 2008 graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Dr. Todd Christianson has since kept himself informed about dental practices to stay up to date with all new developments in dentistry. He is highly committed to ongoing education and ensures the delivery of top-tier treatments to his patients.

Dr. Nathan Hanson

Having concluded his dental studies at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Nathan Hanson stays current with evolving dental practices through continuous education. Beyond the clinic, he enjoys camping, hiking, and participating in endurance sports while also dedicating time to volunteering at The Special Olympics.

Dr. Austin Ostrander

Dr. Austin Ostrander, originally from Glenwood, MN, earned a Biology degree from the University of St. Thomas before completing dental school at the University of Minnesota. He prioritizes staying current with cutting-edge techniques and technology through affiliations with continuing education societies.

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