Dental Lab Services

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RiverRock Dental’s in-house lab allows us to control quality and reduce turn-around time in order to offer our patients the highest quality options available today.

Dental Crowns

We can create custom same-day temporary crowns and permanent restorations designed to match your smile perfectly. Most dentists that send their crowns out have at least a three week turn-around.

We can get your restorations done in a fraction of that time. Have an important event coming up and need your smile fixed? We can do that.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Dental Bridges

A bridge may be your solution if several teeth need repair. We can design and deliver a temporary bridge same-day and have a permanent zirconia restoration made in house.

Full Dental Arch Options

Whether you want a traditional denture, snap-in overdenture, or an all-on-X screw retained bridge, the lab at RiverRock can provide you a same-day option.

Temporary restorations are printed using 3D printing technology and finished while you wait.  Our permanent zirconia restorations are milled in our state-of-the-art milling unit.

Custom Surgical Guides

Guided surgery requires a digitally designed surgical guide. At RiverRock, we design and print our surgical guides in-house to control precision and quality.

Partial Dentures

Need a flipper for that missing tooth? We can do that. If you’re not ready for a permanent solution, we can create a pressure retained option for you.

Smile Design

Not happy with your current smile? We can fix that too.

With our 3D scanning and imaging technology, we can create a virtual model of your teeth and face allowing us to design your new smile before you ever sit in the chair. We’ll work with you to get the design exactly how you want it and show you in 3D what your new teeth will look like in your mouth.

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or you’re in need of a full all-on-X restoration, there are many implant supported options available.


A dental implant is a small metallic device surgically implanted into the bone of the upper or lower jaw that mimics the solid root structure of a healthy tooth and can support many different types of dental restorations.

Most times, a single dental implant can be placed in the matter of a few minutes. Only a few hours are needed for a full upper and lower arch of implants.

At RiverRock, we practice what’s known as guided dental surgery. That means we use a combination of Intraoral scanners and CT images to create a virtual model of the patient’s teeth and jaws to create a custom surgical guide.

Custom surgical guides allow our dentists to place implants with precise accuracy based on the digital model of the patient. This allows for faster surgeries and less time healing.

The cost for a single dental implant can vary depending on various factors such as the location, dentist, and the complexity of the procedure. At RiverRock Dental, the cost of a single dental implant is $4200. We provide personalized experience and care to ensure your dental implant journey is as smooth as possible!

The lifespan of dental implants falls in the range of 10-30 years. Dental implants must be maintained with the same oral hygiene procedures we use to clean our teeth and gums. Dental implants will never decay, but if neglected, the bone supporting the implant can deteriorate over time. If well maintained, an implant should last a lifetime. 

If you have a broken or missing tooth we can create a provisional crowns or bridges to meet your needs. Sometimes a single crown will do, other times a small bridge may be needed, whatever your needs we can provide a provisional restoration to allow you to get back to normal in a single visit.

Yes, if dentures are the right solution for you we can extract any existing teeth, design and print you an immediate denture in a matter of hours. Custom designed to fit your bite and look great.

Yes, if an over-denture is the best solution for you, we can design, print and finish one in less than a day that will meet your needs. Over-dentures are implant supported, removeable dentures that look great and won’t fall out.

Implant Supported All-on-4 Zirconia Bridges are a great permanent solution. Once your implants have fully integrated with your bone and the design is to your liking we can create a permanent Zirconia arch that will last a lifetime. Everything is done in house, so if you want to change tooth shades, edge shapes or anything about your smile it’s no problem.

If you need a permanent crown or bridge we can design a Zirconia restoration that will fit perfectly and match your existing teeth in the matter of a few days. Most dentists send their orders to outside labs and the turnaround can be weeks long. Our in-house lab allows us to be more flexible and deliver permanent solutions in just a few days.

No, digital scanners allow us to treat patients faster and less intrusively. We use a combination of intra-oral, desktop and Precise Implant Capture (PIC) scanners to get an exact digital model of your mouth. It allows us to design and build solutions that will fit the first time and reduce the number of visits needed to the dentist.

All of our provisional crowns, bridges, full arches, dentures and over-dentures are printed on state of the art 3D printers that save manufacturing time and provide precise, quality results. There’s very little room for error when everything is digital, ensureing the results you expect.

Our permanent restorations including crowns, bridges and full arches are milled out of the latest and highest quality material in the dental industry today, Zirconia. Our mill uses the digital designs created by our in-house techs and dentists to create precise dental restorations that fit perfectly, allow patients to eat properly and look great.

Our Smile Design technologies allow us to scan your teeth and your face into 3D models that can be used to design you a new smile in a single visit that you’ll love. We can correct any dental issues that are making you not love your current smile and show them to you in a 3D model of your face before any surgery.