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Same Day Services

Can I get all new teeth in a day?

Yes, All-on-4 Provisional Full Arch Bridges can be designed and delivered in one day. If you have multiple missing or failing teeth and a full arch implant supported solution is right for you, we can extract teeth, place implants and send you home with a full set of teeth all in one day. Your provisional arches will allow you to leave confident and feeling good. They stay in while your tissue heals and the implants fully integrate into your bone.
How Long Do Dental Implants Last

What if I need a dental crown or a dental bridge today?

If you have a broken or missing tooth we can create a provisional crowns or bridges to meet your needs. Sometimes a single crown will do, other times a small bridge may be needed, whatever your needs we can provide a provisional restoration to allow you to get back to normal in a single visit.

Can I get immediate dentures in a single visit?

Yes, if dentures are the right solution for you we can extract any existing teeth, design and print you an immediate denture in a matter of hours. Custom designed to fit your bite and look great.

I want a removable dental solution that wont fall out, can you do that in a single day?

Yes, if an over-denture is the best solution for you, we can design, print and finish one in less than a day that will meet your needs. Over-dentures are implant supported, removeable dentures that look great and won’t fall out.

Permanent restoration solutions

What permanent full arch options are there?

Implant Supported All-on-4 Zirconia Bridges are a great permanent solution. Once your implants have fully integrated with your bone and the design is to your liking we can create a permanent Zirconia arch that will last a lifetime. Everything is done in house, so if you want to change tooth shades, edge shapes or anything about your smile it’s no problem.

How long does it take to get a permanent dental crown or dental bridge?

If you need a permanent crown or bridge we can design a Zirconia restoration that will fit perfectly and match your existing teeth in the matter of a few days. Most dentists send their orders to outside labs and the turnaround can be weeks long. Our in-house lab allows us to be more flexible and deliver permanent solutions in just a few days.

What are the latest technologies available in dentistry?

Do I need to get impressions done of my teeth?

No, digital scanners allow us to treat patients faster and less intrusively. We use a conbination of intra-oral, desktop and Precise Implant Capture (PIC) scanners to get an exact digital model of your mouth. It allows us to design and build solutions that will fit the first time and reduce the number of visits needed to the dentist.

How do you create teeth in a day?

All of our provisional crowns, bridges, full arches, dentures and over-dentures are printed on state of the art 3D printers that save manufacturing time and provide precise, quality results. There’s very little room for error when everything is digital, ensureing the results you expect.

What materials are used for permanent dental solutions?

Our permanent restorations including crowns, bridges and full arches are milled out of the latest and highest quality material in the dental industry today, Zirconia. Our mill uses the digital designs created by our in-house techs and dentists to create precise dental restorations that fit perfectly, allow patients to eat properly and look great.

What are my options if I'm not happy with my smile?

Our Smile Design technologies allow us to scan your teeth and your face into 3D models that can be used to design you a new smile in a single visit that you’ll love. We can correct any dental issues that are making you not love your current smile and show them to you in a 3D model of your face before any surgery.