Oral care for children is something you should not ignore. Kids are taught from a young age to brush regularly and take care of their teeth. In this regard, toothpaste plays an important role in encouraging your child to brush on a regular basis.

Children’s toothpastes are especially formulated for deciduous teeth. Adult toothpastes, on the other hand, contain a high level of fluoride, which is a highly toxic substance known to stain children’s teeth with excessive exposure. Fluoride is known to harden your teeth but should be used in smaller quantities and avoided in all the other cases.

Children also tend to swallow the toothpaste while brushing because of their basic instinct and for that reason adult toothpaste is not recommended. This means in case your child swallows a children’s toothpaste it won’t cause them as much harm as it would cause in case they try adult toothpaste. Either way it is not recommended that you let them swallow toothpaste, as it can upset their stomach.

Another difference between adult and kids toothpaste is the range of flavors that both offer. Adult toothpastes often come in mint flavor only and focus more on the ingredients rather than on flavor. However, children’s toothpaste comes in various flavors, like chocolate, strawberry, bubble gum, banana, and vanilla. This is to ensure that children are inclined towards brushing their teeth and taking care of their oral health.

Although experts argue there is no significant difference between the two options, it is better you read the directions and ingredients on the packaging when choosing toothpastes for your child and select one which better corresponds to your child’s age. For more information and queries, you can consult your dentist to advise you on the right toothpaste for your children. That being said, avoid giving your children adult toothpaste to brush with.