Have you formulated your New Year Resolutions for 2017? Many of our pledges revolve around weight loss, learning a new skill or giving up bad habits. Rarely do we mention ‘maintaining good oral hygiene’ on this list. Let this be a different year. Make the following dental resolutions for 2017 for avoiding dental problems throughout the year.

Limit Sugar and Quit Tobacco Products

Restricting your sugar consumption can benefit you in countless ways. It improves your overall health and balances your blood sugar level. How does it help in improving your dental health? When you chew a sugary food or sip a beverage, the bacteria in your mouth metabolizes the sugar for creating acid as a by-product, which is harmful for your teeth.

Moreover, tobacco products are also notorious for causing serious dental health concerns. Tobacco restricts the blood flow to the gums. This implies that it inhibits your ability to combat infections in the gums. If you already have gum disease, using tobacco will worsen the condition, making it difficult to treat.

Floss and Brushing Each Day

One of the most underrated components of dental health is flossing. Regular flossing helps you maintain good oral health. Plaque and bacteria may easily hide in hard-to-reach and in between-the-teeth areas. Regular flossing can dramatically decrease your risk of tooth decay and developing gum diseases. Good brushing techniques and habits also benefit our teeth. Ideally, we should brush at least twice everyday for using gentle circular motions for two minutes. This efficiently removes plaque from each side of every tooth in our mouth.

Visit Your Dentist

No dental hygiene is complete without a dental visit. If you haven’t visited your dentist in the past 6 months, schedule an appointment with your dentist early this year. Routine visits can help detect any problems early and save valuable time and money spent on extensive treatments.

So, start off 2017 on the right note when it comes to your dental health by setting these resolutions and making sure you follow them.