You’ve just moved to a new place, your employer has switched insurance plans, your old dentist is retiring, or you are probably contemplating switching to another practitioner, what do you do? In all likelihood, you’re wondering, “Where can I find an experienced dentist near me?” While deciding on a dentist can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to give you the four-one-oh on getting in touch with a great dentist near you.

How Do I Find A Dentist Near Me?

Your relationship with your dentist is going to be a pretty long and extensive one. They’re going to be witnessing you at your best and your worst. So landing on one involves a bit of research and look around. What’s imperative is that you find a dentist you’re comfortable with. To find a dentist that is the right fit for you, initiate the process by asking the following questions –

How Else Can I Find Out About A Dentist Near Me?

Dentist Near Me

The ADA or American Dental Association has the following suggestion for when you’re dentist shopping – 

A small suggestion from the ADA – Call and/or visit more than one dentist before finalizing the one.

At River Rock Dental in downtown Shakopee, we’re not only committed to excellence in terms of therapies, but we’re also extremely particular about patient satisfaction. Doctors Christianson and Backes have a decade long collective clinical experience and are constantly updated with education and learning.

Our offices are set up with all the modern equipment because we pay high attention to detail when it comes to our patients’ well-being. Furthermore, you will find us catering to a wide array of dental issues – whether they’re preventive, corrective, restorative, or cosmetic. And in case we’re not a part of your current plan, or you find yourself without one, we have an in-house insurance plan that you can take advantage of.

Feel free to come in and ask your questions at our dental office. You can also dial (952) 445-5556 to book an appointment with us today.