Today, devices have been invented to address so-called human imperfections. This may range from having bad skin, unruly hair, not proportioned body parts, crooked teeth and so on and so forth. The list is surely long but on a positive note, one could now get rid of disorderly teeth by choosing to install braces. Contact us today to schedule an orthodontics consultation.

Can people like me (who over the age of 18) still get braces?

It is for a fact that the human teeth are more malleable during the younger years. (1) Then how about adults who only decided at to have braces on at their age because they could not afford it when they were younger or maybe realized that having the perfect smile will up the game during job hunting? (2) Will that be an issue? (3) Are they still qualified to get braces even as adults already? The answers are:

(1)Nobody is too old to get their teeth fixed

(2)It is not and will not be an issue as long as you are following orders from your dentist

(3) Yes, Yes, Yes!

The only downside to this is that it will take longer to get the desired results, but nonetheless you will reach that point eventually.

Why will I need braces as an adult?

Over the years, the teeth arrangement of an average person can go from very good to horribly bad. This is a result of lifestyle and the natural growth of the teeth. Thus, it will be necessary to address the shifting of the teeth to avoid complications such as: jaw pain, crowded teeth, chewing problems and headaches. Although it will require some adjustments in your lifestyle such as diet and hygienic practice it will be worth it. And aesthetically, adults face the pressure of maintaining a pleasant look. This includes a megawatt smile to go with your lovely face.

What are the options I have if I decided to get braces?

The dental practice involving braces has evolved significantly. You can now opt not to have the usual bulky metallic braces that give you, well, a geeky vibe. Listed below are other procedures you can choose from. However please note that it is still your dentist’s discretion on how to correlate your option and your condition.

(1)Metal braces – the typical high-grade stainless steel that is attached to the front of teeth.

(2)Clear ceramic braces – also attached to the front of the teeth but unlike metal braces, they are inconspicuous since it blends with the color of the teeth.

(3)Lingual braces – the brackets are concealed because that attach to the back of teeth.

(4)Invisible braces – are clear and removable devices called aligners which are customized according to your teeth’s condition.