Dental Braces

Dental braces are being used to correct or adjust misaligned teeth during growth or after. Various types of dental disorders who need braces are over bites, under bites and crooked teeth. These cases can be inherited or if not, it can also be caused by accident or prolonged thumb sucking.

Right Time for Braces

Although, braces can be worn by any age the most perfect time to wear braces is when the head and mouth are still growing. This is between the ages of 10 to 14 years old. But braces are certainly not just for kids, many adults are now relying on braces for small detailed problems in order to gain the perfect smile they have been aiming.

In order to determine the duration of braces treatment, take a look at this factors.


Age This is a big factor that is considered by dentists in order to know the teeth capacity to respond to the treatment. Children are more likely to require a shorter time, for a certain reason that their bones and tissues are much softer because it’s still growing. Unlike adults who have much stronger bones on mouth and their teeth positions have been stable for years.

Dental Health– If the person has total misaligned teeth and having a very bad bite, in this case, they are much more likely to use braces for a longer period of time.

Types of braces– Another thing which can affect the time length of braces is also its types. Patients have the biggest say on what type of braces they’re going choose to wear but dentists have the final say about it, severity disorder should be the first thing to keep in mind before deciding. There are some types of braces like metal braces that are strong and have fast effect in correcting misaligned teeth. But on the other hand there are also braces that are less effective like ceramic ones or invisalign, they require longer period of treatment before seeing the effect.

Distance of tooth from each other– The distance of tooth is also another factor in determining the average length usage of braces. Teeth that are individually separated or have bigger spaces needs more time in order to moved and finally achieve their desired position. Some teeth that are not that apart from each other may have a short duration. However, teeth that are crooked need to have longer duration.

And lastly, the patient willingness to instruction can greatly affect the duration periods of braces like habitually cleaning their braces and avoiding food that could be stuck on braces that can be the cause of damage and drinks which contains sugar is also harmful.

It is very important to consider the factors before deciding to have braces treatment because first and foremost the less effective braces are more likely to consume more money because it requires longer period of treatment considering the add on and the dentist fee, the same with braces that are more effective the cost might be even more expensive but for a shorter period of time.