Oral hygiene is the most important part of personal hygiene and while many people take matters into their own hands, others leave it to the dentists, a visit that can be frightening for some whilst exciting for others. There could be many concerns circling a person’s mind: is the process going to be painful? What sort of technology and methods will be used? My mouth condition is so embarrassing the dentist would freak out! The fear of the sound and images of scary looking instruments!

Whatever the concern, instead of withdrawing into skipping the visit, a better approach is to come forward and face your fears. Another tip is to organize the visit in your head so you get the best out of it.

To start off, setting up an appointment is important to ensure your time isn’t wasted. Asking questions,  either from the dentist himself or the receptionist, helps as it makes clear whether the dentist is the one for you or not. Once the appointment is confirmed, start preparing yourself. It is highly advisable to get a good night’s sleep before the visit and avoid beverages with caffeine or sugar, like coffee and energy drinks.

When visiting the dentist, it’s preferable to take a list of medications you are so that the dentist could further guide you about its effects with the new medication. Talk to your dentist with your phobias and come clean about any questions or doubts. This helps the dentist understand you better and they can cater to your needs and concerns better.

For future references, jot down questions and feel free to ask about your condition in detail and the methods to be used, including the side effects. If asked any questions, answer truthfully, no matter how embarrassing. Relax and be happy, there’s nothing better than getting a step closer to better oral hygiene.