It is natural for your child to get nervous for their first dental visit. It is necessary for the parents and the dentist to make the child’s first dental visit both fun and enjoyable.

You should never spring the news to your child that they will be going to see a dentist the following day. Always try to ease them into the idea of someone looking at their teeth to clean them.

Almost all doctors ask the parents to stay in the examination room if the child is under the age of three. Having the parents in the same room helps ease some of the anxiety in kids.

The best way to make them less worried would be to be honest with them. Prepare your children of all the instruments, machinery, and noises they will be seeing or hearing at the dentist’s office.

Dentistry for children is a lot different than treating adult patients. Children need to be eased into the situation. Some ways to calm their tiny nerves are:

· Teaching all the benefits and advantages of oral hygiene to your children with the help of fun books and cartoons

· Have role-playing exercises where you can be the dentist and your child could be the patient in order to get them familiarized with the routine

· Promise your child a treat that if she behaves like a good girl, she would be rewarded

· Bring their favorite stuffed toy so they will feel at home

· Be a cheerleader for them

· Use language that they can understand so they won’t get confused

Forcing a child to go the dentist will be bad for both the kid and the dentist. It is important that your child is not frightened to go to the dentist.

What to Expect at the First Visit

At the first visit to the dental office, the dentist will thoroughly examine your kid’s mouth and teeth for signs of early decay and cavities. They will also advice you and your child about the proper oral hygiene.

The dentist will also talk to you about the development, teething, and bite of your child’s teeth. They will also examine your child’s soft tissues or gums. If your child has any oral habits like sucking, you can address that issue with the dentist as well. If there is a stain or your child’s teeth or a high risk that they may get cavities, the dentist may apply a fluoride preparation to clean your child’s teeth.

The Next Visit

After your child’s first visit, you have to make regular visits to the doctor to keep your child’s teeth free from cavities. The dentist will let you know when you should schedule the next appointment. As long as there is no tooth decay or any other problems, most dentists recommend that you visit their office after every 6 months.

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