Kids needing braces is nothing new and finances are not always the biggest problem. It is the scheduling. Preparing your children for procedures, like screenings, follow-ups, operation appointments, and so on, takes up a significant chunk of time, and at times can really be a hassle. This is followed by an adjustment period for your child to adapt to the new changes. So, what is the right time to get all this done?

The answer is the summer. Summer is the ideal time for your child to get braces without disturbing his/her daily routine, including school, sports, gym, or any other activity on their plate. Let’s take a detailed look at why summer is the best time for your kid to get braces:


Coordinating a schedule when you have to worry about studies, family hangouts, extracurricular activities, and staying healthy is difficult. The appointments, followed by checkups, the installation process and follow-up, all can be easily fit into summer holidays before your kid returns to school.


Especially for kids, it takes a while before they accept any change to their body. Summertime will not only give your child the time to accept having braces in their mouths, but also give them a sense of familiarity and comfort with it.


Getting acquainted with the feeling of having braces is not enough, but also its maintenance and cleaning. Get your kid a Christmas tree brush or Poaxabrush to help them effectively clean their braces. Also, prepare them for continued maintenance after school has started.


Adjusting to braces can be hard for some kids, so giving them enough time to keep up with the pace will give them the space to grow on their own, but also help you maintain your daily schedule.

These are some reasons why summer is the ideal time to get your kids’ braces if they need them.