Oral hygiene you may ask? Yes it is indeed important for to you and to everyone else. As a matter of fact, your oral hygiene is also connected to your overall health. Take note, experts would agree to this.

Remember, your mouth including your teeth and gums are teeming with lots of bacteria. Your saliva when seen under a microscope, there are lots of bacteria that are wandering. Some are good bacteria and some can cause certain disease.

Well, if you are not brushing and flossing, you may have a high risk of having periodontal disease. Other teeth and gum disease may also happen. This is the reason why you need to brush on a daily basis and if possible, every after meals.

Also, if you are not brushing your teeth, you may also acquire tonsillitis. Take note, this happens especially to kids who are not brushing their teeth. Because of the bad bacterium that multiplies, it may “cling” into your tonsil and thus tonsillitis occurs.

Studies show that you can also have a rheumatic heart disease if in case your tonsillitis occurs very often. The bad bacteria may travel into your heart and thus causing rheumatic heart disease.  The connection to your oral hygiene – brush every day to assure that your mouth is clean and to avoid tonsillitis and rheumatic heart disease.

If in the case you also have diabetes, it will surely aggravate periodontal disease. The reason to this is because your body can’t process excess sugar in your body and that’s why you may have this kind of oral problem as well. Again, it is important that you brush your teeth everyday to promote oral hygiene.

Now to assure oral hygiene and to avoid further onset of certain diseases, you may want to avoid such bad habits like smoking. If you are smoking cigarette or cigars, better stop it now before anything bad happens to your overall health. Remember, smoking can be bad to your teeth and to your breath. Obviously it can cause bad breath and coloration of the teeth and even tooth decay. Further problems of smoking would also cause lung diseases like emphysema and lung cancer.

Drinking alcohol is also a no-no. Again, it will cause tooth decay because of the too much sugar in alcohol beverages. Also, the acid in such beverages may also cause problems in your oral health.

Certain medications can also aggravate some problems in your oral cavities. For instance, in consuming medicines such as tetracycline, it can cause drying of the mouth and therefore, absence of saliva to flush away the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Take into account, there are so many factors that may cause problems in your oral hygiene and even in your overall health. That’s why it is very important that you take care of your teeth and gums at all times.

Make it a daily habit to brush and do a dental floss to eliminate tar-tar and any bad bacteria in your mouth. Always have a healthy lifestyle to protect your oral health and your overall health as well.