We always want the best for our children, and that includes dental care as well. We expect to find the top choice when we look up ‘pediatric dentist near me’. Compared to adults, children react differently to doctors and dentists. A child’s experiences with their dentist during their formative years can strengthen or destroy any encounter they might have with dentists as an adult. That is why it is very important to make sure that every experience a child has at a dental office is a positive one.

Dental practitioners who specialize in treating and dealing with children’s’ dental health are known as pediatric dentists. They undergo years of training to gain the qualifications and experience that are required to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and overall dental development through various stages of their childhood.

A pediatric dentist’s job begins with the eruption of a child’s first tooth. This happens around 6 months of age when the first lower primary or milk tooth erupts in your child’s mouth. By the time your child is 6 to 7 years old, their milk teeth will start shedding and be replaced by permanent or secondary teeth. We recommend parents to start bringing their kids to the dental clinic from the time their very first tooth erupts.

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What do Pediatric Dentists Do?

Perform Oral Health Examination on Babies and Young Children

Dental problems in children can begin at a very young age. It is important to bring even really young children to see their dentist on a regular basis. A pediatric dentist assesses the risk of development of cavities in children’s teeth, whether primary or permanent. If your child appears to be at high risk of developing cavities later in life, a pediatric dentist will often recommend topical fluoride application as a preventive measure for cavities.

Early Orthodontic Assessment

Any future dental problems like malocclusion that may arise during your kid’s oral development can also be predicted through regular examinations with a pediatric dentist. Preventive measures can be taken by your pediatric dentist to avoid the development of problems like crooked teeth or an improper bite in your child’s mouth.

Treatment for Dental Injuries

Children are prone to all kinds of accidents. Their young teeth are often at the receiving end of such accidents that can lead to injuries like chipped or avulsed teeth. A pediatric dentist is trained to deal with such accidents and can provide the appropriate line of treatment.

Diagnosis of Oral Issues Associated with Medical Disorders

Most medical diseases have oral symptoms that may manifest at some point in an individual’s life. Children who suffer from congenital anomalies or other medical disorders may end up having their oral health neglected. Pediatric dentists are familiar with recognizing the oral manifestations of diseases like diabetes, congenital heart disease, allergic reactions, etc. They work in collaboration with specialists of such disorders and are familiar with the kind of treatment required for the same.

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Taking care of your child’s baby teeth is just as important as the maintenance of their permanent teeth. We believe in working together with parents to provide the best care for your child’s oral health. At RiverRock Dental, we educate parents about their child’s dental development and help them learn the best way to clean their baby’s teeth at home.

We also strive to provide a calm and comforting environment for your children every time you visit us. We pride ourselves on being the very best in dental care providers for you and your family in Shakopee, MN. Feel free to visit us and let our expert team assist you with all your queries.