According to WHO, about 3.5 billion people are affected by oral diseases yearly. In today’s world, it is pretty standard for people to face difficulties with their oral cavity. Tooth decay and cavities have become quite prevalent due to bad eating habits and excessive intake of food and drink high in sugar.

As a result, tooth loss is more of a regular occurrence than an anomaly. Losing your teeth can be pretty scarring and harm a person’s emotional health. Not only does tooth loss lead to difficulties in daily tasks such as chewing your food or speaking with a defect, but it also leads to people losing self-confidence and becoming more withdrawn. The level of insecurity increases, which can also affect relationships and work life. 

But worry not, because a great alternative to missing teeth which has been gaining popularity, has been dental implants. Let’s find out the reasons for getting dental implants and what they are.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificially created structure that can replace your missing tooth. A screw-like device is used to insert an implant into your jawbone, which is an anchor for the artificial tooth installed to replace your missing one. 

The artificial tooth, or crown, is custom-made, and the dentist ensures that the crown matches the color and texture of your teeth. This helps to restore the proper functioning of your teeth, along with the original appearance of your face. There are two types of dental implants that people can choose. 

Endosteal Dental Implant

An endosteal dental implant is installed in the bone by using different types of surgical aids, which are placed in your jawbone by a surgeon. 

An endosteal dental implant is a more popular choice and is chosen by people for its ability to look natural and function like the rest of their real teeth. Because of being attached to the jawbone until the root, the endosteal implant is more likely to be successful and can last longer. Dentists also prefer the endosteal implant, as it helps attach the crown securely to the bone. 

Endosteal implants have also been known to improve bone density in the oral cavity by regrowing the surrounding bone around the missing tooth to help secure that bone. 

Subperiosteal Dental Implant

A subperiosteal dental implant is attached on the bone by placing the implant on top of the jaw. These implants are placed below the gum tissue on top of the bone. Patients with insufficient underlying bone mass below their gums to get an endosteal implant can opt for a subperiosteal dental implant. 

Because the implant is only attached to the soft tissue on top of the bone, the soft tissue heals much faster as it doesn’t take much time for the underlying bone to heal. This reduces the overall length of the treatment time significantly when compared to an endosteal implant. 

Five Reasons to Get a Dental Implant

Five Reasons to Get a Dental Implant

When someone loses a tooth, they are quickly exposed to various health complications, such as the inability to chew and eat their food correctly, speech defects that might worsen with time, or swift bone loss. 

Dental implants offer advantages that other types of dental treatment might not be able to offer altogether. Read on to find out the reasons for getting a dental implant and how they can benefit you. 

One of the foremost reasons to get a dental implant is the need of getting a complete set of functioning teeth. Dental implants work exactly like your natural teeth. The ability to bite and masticate is wholly restored, allowing all normal oral cavity functions to be repaired. 

They are just as straightforward to clean as your normal teeth, so you can continue your regular oral hygiene routine to maintain your dental implants. Because dental implants function like normal teeth, you can go back to having normal digestion because of your ability to chew better. It forms an excellent reason to get dental implants. 

Designed to look and feel like your regular teeth, dental implants seamlessly blend into your oral activity and enables proper movement of the mouth. They successfully capture the feel of your natural teeth and are easier to adapt. 

Your dentist will also ensure that the implants are designed in a manner that matches your exact tooth color and design, filling the gap in a way that will be impossible to detect. 

While several teeth replacement solutions are available, dental implants last longer than any and are a long-lasting and highly durable solution to replace your missing teeth. Their longevity is one of the reasons to get a dental implant. All the screws, cylinders, and posts attached to or into your jawbone are made of titanium, one of the strongest metals known to humanity. This guarantees the durability of your dental implant. 

The prosthetic tooth attached to the anchor, or abutment, is made of solid porcelain fused with metal or sometimes with ceramic. This helps prevent regular teeth staining and proves to be highly resistant to food and drinks with high acidity levels or sugar content. 

When you lose a tooth, your bone density gets affected as well. A space in your jawbone can lead to the deterioration of the bones in that area. This is because the jawbone does not get the exercise and stimulation required to maintain bone density. 

Another reason to get dental implants is to prevent all these problems. Your dental implants assist in preserving the soft tissues in your jawbone and preserve the bone as well. They help a significant amount in maintaining the height of the jawbone and restoring its structure. Dental implants are the only replacement for missing teeth that helps replace jawbone stimulation. 

Missing teeth can make a person quite insecure. People start refraining from social interactions and isolate themselves due to a lack of self-confidence. Missing teeth keep you from smiling and can also lead to depression. 

Dental implants can refurbish your smile and give you your confidence back. Getting a permanent replacement for your missing tooth allows you to smile freely and display those pearly whites in their full glory. It’s a great reason to get dental implants. 

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