No matter how religiously you practice your oral hygiene routine, you will at some point in life experience a toothache. Although a cavity is most likely the culprit, there are other possible causes of tooth pain.

Tooth Abscess

When cavities become serious enough to affect the tooth’s root, there is a high probability that the surrounding tissue and root have become infected. This will cause a widespread throbbing tooth pain that may make it difficult to point out the exact culprit. This is a rather severe issue and should be dealt professionally and immediately or else it can cause tissue and bone loss, which will not only be expensive to treat but extremely painful and damaging.

Gum Disease

A dull pain in the mouth, bleeding, red gums, and sometimes toothache indicate gum disease. Common cause of gum disease may be the inflammation of gums and oral bone. If not treated quickly, gums, bones and teeth could become damaged or even lost, and surgical measures may be required to fix the problem.

Tooth Fractures

Teeth can chip or crack in more than one way, whether it is through an impactful fall, biting down on something sticky and hard, or while playing sports. If you are experiencing pain in a cracked tooth, which could mean the crack has made its way to the center of the tooth where the eves are, and cause pulsating pain.

Damaged Dental Sealants or Fillings

Dental fillings that cover deep grooves, fractures or pits in teeth usually protect exposed tooth parts. When these protectants are damaged, the vulnerable parts become sensitive to food particles, extreme temperatures and bacteria. The resultant effect is a dull ache to a piercing, excruciating pain. In case of damaged sealant or dental filling, be sure to contact a dentist as soon as possible.

So, if you are experiencing tooth pain, the aforementioned causes are the most likely culprits.