If you’ve been experiencing some problems with your teeth, you may have heard about dental crowns. But what are they exactly? Types of Dental Crowns? How do they work? And are they right for you? 

So if you’re curious about dental crowns, keep reading to know the answer to all of those questions and more

What are Dental Crowns, and What are Their Uses?

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Dental crowns are caps placed over damaged teeth to protect them, cover them up, and restore their shape. They can be made from different materials, including metals, porcelain, resin, and ceramics. Typically, they don’t require any special care over time, just good oral hygiene. 

There are many uses of dental crowns, such as:

Are There Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns teeths

Yes, there are! The type of dental crown you’ll need will depend on the location of the tooth that needs capping, as well as your budget and aesthetic preferences. There are many different types of dental crowns available, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Here are a few different types of dental crowns and their benefits:

  1. All-Resin Dental Crowns:

    All-resin dental crowns are the most affordable dental crowns. They are fabricated from a dental composite resin and can be color-matched to blend in with the natural color of your teeth. Resin is durable, but it is not as strong as porcelain or metal.

  2. All-Porcelain Dental Crowns:

    All-porcelain dental crowns, also sometimes referred to as all- ceramic crowns, are fabricated using porcelain and ceramics. They are entirely metal-free and look very natural. Porcelain is a strong material that is resistant to staining and discoloration. 

  3. Stainless Steel Dental Crowns:

    Stainless steel dental crowns mainly restore primary teeth in children who have undergone pulp therapy or baby root canals. It is a durable material that is corrosion-resistant and does not stain.

  4. Gold Dental Crowns:

    They are the most expensive type of dental crown, but they are also the most durable. Gold is a very strong metal that is resistant to corrosion and staining, and it is also biocompatible, which is safe to use in dental implants and other dental procedures. 

How do Different Types of Crowns Work?

doctor placing Dental Crowns

When you get a dental crown, the dentist will first remove any decay from your tooth. Then they’ll take an impression of it to create a model for the crown. The model is then sent to a lab, where the crown will be made. When it’s ready, the dentist will cement it in place. Dental crowns are available in various materials, but they all work in essentially the same way – by capping and protecting your tooth.

Caring for Different Types of Crowns 

Once you have your dental crowns, it’s important to take care of them! Here are a few tips:

If you’re experiencing problems with your teeth, talk to a professional dentist about whether dental crowns might be right for you. Remember, dental crowns can last for many years with proper care, giving you a healthy, beautiful smile!

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