A dentist is commonly known for checking your oral health and treating complications as cavities and gum diseases. Many people face certain irregularities in the mouth for which they need special orthodontic treatment. For many others achieving a healthy and beautiful smile is why they approach the dentist offering orthodontic services.

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The Irregularities a Dentist can Treat using Orthodontic Procedures

A dentist with the specialized training of Orthodontics can fix many dental problems of yours. The dentist specialized in orthodontic treatment can help treat the following irregularities-

· Misaligned Teeth: The most common problem with the patients visiting a dentist is misaligned teeth. In this case, either the upper teeth too far or the lower extends too far or less. Also, when the back teeth are not aligned properly it can cause midline mismatch. Your family dentist will recognize the misalignment during the regular dental sittings. As an orthodontic treatment, various methods are used to straighten up the teeth. The best solution used by an orthodontic dentist is bracing encircling the teeth in the mouth. Although, if braces are not a suitable option for you, the orthodontist will recommend going for Invisalign. Invisalign are aligners used as an alternative for braces but are removable. The best part of Invisalign is that they are invisible from a distance and can enhance your smile.

· Spacing and Crowding: Another dental problem that asks for orthodontic treatment is spacing or crowding. Spacing is the irregular gap between the teeth or the teeth missing entirely. The gap in the teeth tends to grow larger over time and will affect the structure of the mouth. The dentist will try to bring the teeth closer to a tight alignment. On the contrary, crowding is the excess of teeth which doesn’t leave any space for the eruption of other teeth. Having too many teeth is bad for everyone especially children. The orthodontic dentist will remove the excessive teeth thus creating more space. The dentists make use of Invisaligners to treat overcrowding in the mouth.

· Malocclusions: Malocclusions are commonly referred to as bad bites that need orthodontic care. Bad bites can be categorized into four types-

o Underbite is when the lower jaw extends over the upper jaw.

o Overbite is when the upper jaw is extending too far from the lower jaw.

o Crossbite is when the upper teeth are inside the lower teeth.

o Openbite is when there is no overlapping between the upper and the lower teeth.

If the malocclusion is severe, you may need a Palate Expander, a more advanced orthodontic treatment. The Palate Expanders are the most preferred choice in today’s world. It broadens the arch of the upper jaw giving more space to the area.

There are numerous orthodontic treatments a dentist can adopt to help you with misaligned teeth. To know which method would suit your need, you must fix an appointment with a dentist near you.

You can also ask your family dentist to carefully examine your teeth and refer the best orthodontic treatment.

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