Dentistry for children focuses on maintaining the oral health care of your child. The first teeth of children do not last for a lifetime but they need conscientious care. The early dental care and good oral health is beneficial in the adulthood.

The primary teeth have two very important functions given below-

· The primary teeth act as guides to help in the eruption of permanent teeth. The primary teeth hold the space for the new teeth to emerge in their proper place.

· Your children spend most of their childhood with the primary teeth helping them to eat, chew, and speak. In the beginning years, the primary teeth perform these important functions before getting naturally replaced by the permanent ones.

You should make sure both the primary and permanent teeth are well cared for. To get the best oral care for your child, you must appoint for yourself a family dentist. A family dentist will look after the dental health of your whole family. Regular visits to your family dentist will enable your child to trust him and his practice.

Dentistry for children is crucial for the good oral health of your child from the very beginning. The child will also understand the importance of pediatric dentistry and will develop good oral health care routine.

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The Right Time for Dentistry for Children

The first phase of dentistry for children can begin with the growth of your child’s first teeth. The primary teeth start appearing between six to nine months. You notice the two lower front teeth emerging at first followed by the two upper front ones. Next comes, the molars followed by the canines. The primary teeth that erupt are 20 in number. During this whole process, you may find some discomfort felt by the children. You can contact your family dentist to know the best course of action.

Your dentist will advise you to cleanse the newly erupting teeth and gums after each feeding. You can use a damp washcloth or soft water-soaked cotton to clean the gums and teeth.

When your child reaches the age of two, your family dentist will recommend establishing a daily brushing routine. Once your child begins to understand oral health, you can start taking him to the family dentist.

Dentistry for Children can begin as early as with the first year but there’s no harm in it. You can bring your children to the RiverRock Dental clinic for their first dental check-up. Our Dentist will carefully examine your child’s teeth for checking cavities or other developmental problems.

Taking your child to your family dentist is crucial as various forms of tooth decay can affect young children. Tooth decay in children can develop rapidly moving from the outer tooth enamel into the soft, inner dentin. There are a number of successful treatments that are offered by pediatric dentists to prevent tooth decay.

Final Thoughts on Dentistry for Children

Adopting good oral health care routine since the very beginning can save children from undergoing dental treatments.

Inculcate in your child healthy eating and brushing habits in the early stages of childhood. Along with that, pay regular visits to your family dentist for periodical check-ups.

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